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Welcome to the BSA Rec-League Online Registration System.  Play for the Spring 2018 Season has begun and registration has ended.   There may be a few spots remaining, so please check with the appropriate division director by clicking the following link:


If the division you want your child to play in is on a wait list, please go ahead and put him/her on the wait list.  Many players from the fall do not play in the spring and openings will occur.

(Important Note:  Spring registration is offered for children who did not during our Fall session.  Players that signed up and played last fall are already registerd for the Spring session.)

Please carefully review the information below before registering:

  • This is a recreational program open to children in the Beavercreek area and neighboring communities, who meet grade and age guidelines and who are not participating in an organized select or club soccer program.

  • The BSA Rec-League soccer program consists of both a Fall season and a Spring Season.  Players that register in the Fall are automatically enrolled for the spring season.  Games for the Fall 2017 Session are tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 5th and the season runs through Monday, October 16th.

  • Soccer players are assigned to Divisions according to grade and gender. Girls in 1st thru 8th grades may choose Coed or Girls-Only Divisions.

  • Players in Kindergarten who already have experience in the K-Div may select to play in A-Div (1st Grade Coed) or E-Div (1st Grade Girls-Only).

  • Parents should expect to be contacted by a coach by mid-August when signing up in the Fall and mid to late March when signing up in the Spring.

  • Our goal is to have fun and to teach soccer skills in a healthy atmosphere of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

  • PLAY WITH REQUESTS: The BSA will try to accommodate one request to play with another child if space allows and each requests the other. The requests must be reciprocal.

  • If you need more information about the specific division your son or daughter will sign up for, please contact the appropriate Division Director. Do so by clicking here.  

  • REFUNDS: No refunds will be issued after the player completes his/her first game unless there are extenuating circumstances. Requests for refunds must be in writing (an email is acceptable) and sent to the Registrar.  All requests must have a return address in order to process a refund!  (Important Note:  It is best to send an original email with a subject heading that indicates a request for a refund.  Replies made to a blast email on an entirely different subject will be overlooked due to the shear number of replies that are often received.)

  • The following table shows the days of the week that each division plays games.  All divisions, except Pre-K and J2 (High School), play one game during the week and one game on Saturday.  Pre-K Divison meets one time during the week and J2 plays two games during the week and no games on the weekend.


BSA Recreation League Info


Coed Division  Grade       Game Days*

Pre-K Division          N/A      T or Th (Fall 17 Teams)

                                              TBD (NEW Spring 18 Teams)

Players must be 4 years old by 9/30/17 to enroll for the fall season or by 3/30/18 for the spring season. (NEW Spring 18 teams will play on Wed. Fall17 teams will continue to play on Tues or Thurs in Spring 18)

Coed Division     Grade       Game Days*

K Division         Kindergarten     M, T, W or Th and Sat

Players must be 5 years old by 9/30/17 to enroll for the fall season or by 3/30/18 for the spring season. Players in Kindergarten who have experience in K Div may elect to play in A Div (Coed) or E Div (Girls-Only)


NOTE: Starting in the first grade, girls have their choice of playing in either the coed or girls Divisions. Please note that your daughter may be the only girl on her team in a coed Division.

Coed Division     Grade         Game Days*

   A Division           1st grade                M or W or Th & Sat

   B2 Division         2nd grade               T or Th and Sat

   B3 Division         3rd grade                T or Th and Sat

   C Division           4th - 5th grade       T or Th and Sat

   D Division           6th – 7th grade      M or W and Sat

   J1 Division          8th – 9th grade      T or Th and Sat

   J2 Division         10th – 12th grade   M, T, W or Th


Girls Divisions    Grade         Game Days*

    E Division         1st grade                T or Th and Sat

    F Division         2nd – 3rd grade      M or W and Sat

    G Division         4th – 5th grade      M or W and Sat

    H Division         6th – 8th grade      T or Th and Sat

 *Subject to change  (The BSA will try to play on the dates listed above, but adjustments may have to be made due to field availability.)